The Value of Experience

Experience counts, especially in a fast changing world

Learning Management Systems and SharePoint

There are now several very viable Learning Management Systems (LMS) built on the SharePoint platform.  In this note, we will take a high level overview and talk about selecting and … Continue reading

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Using SharePoint and EMPLive’s WorkEngine for Project Management

Our fall webinar on the power of EPMLive’s WorkEngine product for managing simple to complex projects within the SharePoint platform.

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Reengineering the Organization

SharePoint is not only a great platform for enterprise content management, it is an excellent tool for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and the timing for utilizing SharePoint for BPR could … Continue reading

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In the fresh air of the North Carolina moutains

My wife and I are from North Carolina and we love the North Carolina mountains. Living in Atlanta provides us the opportunity to visit to our favorite get away,  Highlands, NC, at … Continue reading

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It’s the Business Value, Stupid!

When Clinton was running for President, he had one simple phrase.  “It’s the economy, stupid”.  As a great communicator, he boiled down the current issues, at that time, to a … Continue reading

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Been meaning to get back to this blog

May 1st 2011 at Sea Pines Nature Reserve I have been meaning to get back to posting the wisdom of experience, however, I have been having too many experiences lately … Continue reading

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SharePoint for Project Management

Below is a presentation that I made at the March 17th Association of IT Professionals, Atlanta Chapter.

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Social Media? Really? Prove It!

When I first started investigating the business benefits of social media, I challenged a social media/networking consulting company to not just talk about social media but to prove it. I … Continue reading

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Eliminate Shadow IT

Many CIOs work under constraints imposed by budget cuts and emphasis on large resource consuming strategic initiatives.  This often results in individual departments not getting what they perceive they need from their … Continue reading

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How my work experience in Europe helped me as a CIO

A CIO in today’s environment, must be a business leader and politician as much as a technology leader who understand the power of technology.  They must work through influence and … Continue reading

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