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WIIFM drives user adoption of SharePoint


What’s In It For Me drives use adoption to most everything. Why do people return to certain web sites, stores, magazines,. etc. It is because there is something there for them.

The conundrum that faces many SharePoint implementations is user adoption and the reason is that they have not mastered the WIIFM principle. There are many technigues to get people to access and use SharePoint. However, we must remember that we did not implement SharePoint just so people could look at the corporate announcements, share files, and look-up the online directory


– Change the title to something like 6 factors to a successful Sharepoint rollout and adoption

1. Training. Tell me and I might remember, show me … Involve me and I will understand.

Involve them in understanding how it can be used to improve their working environment.


3. Replace existing cumbersome process

4. Proivide relevant and current information.

5. Make it convenient

6. Understand the how people use informations and social networks outside of the workplace.
How are people now working
– access anywhere, anytime on any device
– community of interests
– 140 characters

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