The Value of Experience

Experience counts, especially in a fast changing world

Covid-19 Analysis with Python

I used my “shelter in place” time to to analyze Covid-19 data using Python and then hosted the results on Heroku

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Roadtrip 2018 Photo Gallery

Below are photos that I took while on my road trip where I drove 7,000 miles across the country, through 13 states and visited 6 national parks.  I was impressed … Continue reading

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South Dakota Days 4-5

Sioux Falls, the corn palace, Wall Drug, and the Badlands

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Five States and Over Eight Hundred Miles

The second and third days were primarily just putting the miles down. I left Tennessee Monday(8/20/18) morning and arrived just north of Sioux City, Iowa this Tuesday afternoon(8/21/18). I think … Continue reading

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Atlanta to Bumpus Mills Campground

Finally after months of planning, I am off on my 2018 road trip to Yellowstone.  I have been planning this five thousand mile plus trip for months now and I … Continue reading

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Recent Photos June 2018

These are some of the recent photos that I have taken recently as I try out my new camera and explore my new passion of nature photography.

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Road Trip to Yellowstone

The number one item on my bucket list is a cross country road trip to Yellowstone.  This trip includes a stop at the Badlands, Black Hills, Glacier and the Grand Tetons along with several days in Yellowstone.

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Engineering is still one of the highest paying careers, however, there is an interesting statistic in the numbers

Last year, I looked at the gender ratios across college majors and discovered an interesting-yet-spurious correlation: College majors with higher male:female ratios (i.e., with more men than women) tend to … Continue reading

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Every time I come here, my blood pressure drops 20 points

As soon as we step into the Colonial Pines Inn in Highlands, NC my blood pressure drops 20 points.  We feel as if we are visiting some old friends who make … Continue reading

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Enduring Love on the AT

After forty three years my wife and I hiked  back to the spot on the Appalachian Trail where we got engaged.  In 1973 my wife and I hiked and overnighted … Continue reading

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