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Motorcycling and Hiking – The best of both worlds

I love riding my motorcycle in the North Carolina mountains, and I love hiking along the many trails in the area.  Every year, I  ride up to Cruso, NC and stay at Blue Ridge Motor Cycle Campground for Memorial day.  Phil, Leslie and Jay have created a little piece of heaven right in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Today, due to the threat of rain, I decided to hike instead of ride.  A few mile south on highway 276, the are several well marked and maintained trail.  I parked the bike at the trail head parking area and headed off for my “walk in the words”.  This was going to be a nice break after two days of riding from morning till dusk.

The first thing i noticed was the notice of what to do if you encountered a bear.  Bears are active in this part of the Blue Ridge, especially during May and June.  Earlier this spring a bear bit a hiker while he was in his tent not too far from here on the Appalachian Trail.  This was a well traveled hiking trail, so I figured I would be safe.

The first thing I noticed as I got into the woods, were the many spring wildflowers, including blackberries, mountain laurel and wild violets.  I tried to take pictures, but they could not do justice to the setting of the

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