The Value of Experience

Experience counts, especially in a fast changing world

Every time I come here, my blood pressure drops 20 points

As soon as we step into the Colonial Pines Inn in Highlands, NC my blood pressure drops 20 points.  We feel as if we are visiting some old friends who make us feel at home.  The Germans have a phrase called “gemutlichkeit” which perfectly described the comfortableness that we feel here.  The warm coziness of the inn invites us to settle in and let ourselves go and put our feet up.

Every time I come, I plan to sit down and write about the wonderful relaxing atmosphere up here in Highlands and the Inn.  However, I get so relaxed that I do not take the time jot down my thoughts.  We have been coming here for over 10 years as an escape from  the hectic work-a-day life. The fresh mountain air, wide porch and a glass of wine are better than anything the doctor could have ordered.

In the fall we enjoy the ambiance and relaxing feeling of sitting on the porch and watching the chipmunks foraging for  their winter food bank, or casually watching the chickadees in the fluttering changing colors of the fall leaves.  In the summer the large porch provides cover to enjoy summer showers while playing a game of Scrabble or reading a book.

 Now for what makes the trip really special – our innkeepers!   Chris and Donna have made inn-keeping an art form.  They are always so eager to please.  With over 30 years of experience, they know what you want or need before you do.  From building the fire in the sitting room to making sure your room is just right to providing information on hiking trails and restaurants, it is clear they are there to take care of you.   Donna’s breakfasts in the mornings are worth the trip all by themselves.  I told her that we were going to call this a Breakfast and Bed Inn because her breakfasts are so good. colonialpines

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