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Atlanta to Bumpus Mills Campground

Finally after months of planning, I am off on my 2018 road trip to Yellowstone.  I have been planning this five thousand mile plus trip for months now and I am finally on my way.  I plan to camp in the CRV with my Napier Sportz Cove attached to the back to add extra room and provide a bit of an awning.

From Atlanta to Nashville was an easy drive, albeit I did get turned around a bit in Nashville.  I should have planned some time to visit Nashville, however, this was not on the agenda.  I had selected Bumpus Mills from my AllStays app in that the location looked great and the reviews were good as well.

The campground is really off the beaten path.  It is right on lake Barkley, about 40 miles west of Clarksville, Tennessee.  Forty miles might not seem a lot, however, I was in parts of Tennessee where they still grow tobacco, the dogs still chase cars, the lightning bugs are out at night and you can see many more stars at night than in Atlanta. I think that I even hear banjos!

Once I got to the campground, it was great, except…  when I drove up to register, the host recommended that I not stay in the site for which I had previously registered, as it was invested with yellow jackets.  She said that the previous occupant was stung twenty-one times.  Yes twenty-one!  She explained further that he did not want to move because he was a drug addict and didn’t want to draw attention to himself.  You can’t make this stuff up!

The campground area was relatively small with only 15 campsites.  With only one other camper, I had the pick of sites so I chose one right of the lake away from the yellow jackets.  I set up the Sportz Cove in about 10 minutes and proceeded to organize the campsite with a fire and my super of freeze dried pasta primavera.

The lakeside campsite was great.  Very quiet with a great view of the oncoming sunset.  Egrets and Grey Herons were also searching for their supper.  I did not see any snakes or other critters except for all kinds of insects.  You know that you are in the woods when you go to the restroom and there is a cricket in the urinal.  It was a constant battle trying to get into the CRV by myself without letting other flying visitors enter with me.  I was not successful.  You should have seen me trying to scurry in and zip up the mosquito net before anything could come in with me.

20180819-Bumpus Mills-4





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